General Information for Prospective Students


I am happy to hear from students seeking supervision on topics in digital media, cultural studies, 20th and 21st century British and American film and television, Anthropocene studies, posthumanism, and the war on terror.


Please feel free to contact me also with your own ideas, or if you are interested in seeing a list of topics that are especially encouraged. The list is also available on the department notice board.



Before you ask me to be your supervisor, please read through carefully the Terms and Conditions.


A Highly Selected List of Recent Theses:


Zuzana Kurinciova: The Noir Aesthetics of Hitchcock (defended: 2010)

Vallaji Peter: Anti-Nazi Propaganda in the Films of Hollywood during W.W.II. (defended: 2011, Kodolanyi University of Applied Sciences, Budapest)

Jana Fidermakova: Cyber Legacies: The Matrix vs. Inception (defended: 2012)

Majka Hyllova: Faust through the Centuries (defended with high distinction, 2012)

Szabolcs Lencses: From the Crime Scene to the Court Room: Police Work on the Screen (defended with high distinction and the Rector's Award, 2012)

Marika Kosova: MMR: Legal Threat or Easy Money (defended: 2012)

Lucia Kostalova: The Concept of Violence in Quentin Tarantino's Films (defended: 2012)

Stanka Porubenska: The Medical Potentials of Music Therapy (defended: 2014)

Juraj Miklos: Surveillance, Power, and Politics in Contemporary Television Drama (defended: 2016)

Vladimir Moncol: Narrative Complexity and Difference: Open World Architecture and Conventional Mission Based Narrative Design in Video Games (defended with distinction: 2016)

Robert Bugan: Seriality and Cinematic Universe Building in the Marvel Franchise (defended 2017)

Patricia Suchtarova: Seriality in the Star Wars Fandom: The Force Awakens (defended 2017)           

Dasa Hrubosova: In-Human Futures? Technology and the Human Condition in 2001 A Space Odyssey, The Martian and Elysium (BA 2018)


Natalia Sukalova: The Geek as Superhero: Scorpion and Its Contexts (BA 2018) 



Zdenka Simaliakova: The Femme Fatale in Film Noir (defended: 2011)

Eva Barankova: The Concept of the Monster in the Hannibal Lecter Trilogy (defended: 2012)

Ludka Kasperova: Gender Stereotypes in Medical Dramas (defended: 2012)

Michal Starigazda: Trauma and Otherness in Film (defended with high distinction, 2012)

Maria Strakova: Madness and Anxiety in Poe (defended with high distinction, 2012)

Svet'a Timkova: The Feminine Movie Screen (defended: 2012)

Zuzana Kurinciova: 'Jack the Ripper' - De-Constructing the Myth (defended with high distinction, 2013)

Majka Hyllova: Brechtian Heritage and English Drama (defended with high distinction, 2014)

Lukas Ficek: Power and Politics in House of Cards (2018)

Juraj Miklos: Climate, Conflict and the Politics of Crisis: Climate Change and Global Politics (2018)