General Course Requirements


Courses taught


- Society and Digital Media

- Post-Apocalyptic Fiction and Film

- Visual Culture 1: Medicine and Media Through Time

- Primum Non Nocere: Cultural Ideas of Medicine in the 19th and 20th Centuries

- A general survey course on American Literature 

- Intro to Critical Theory and Cultural Studies 

- Cultural Theories of the Post-Millennium (Text-reading seminar 6) 

- Critical Approaches to Poetry 

- Development of the English Language 

- Visual Culture: Producing and Consuming Images

- Televisuality, Serial Programming, and Multi-platform Storytelling

- Theories of Film

- Historical Dramas: Stylistic Excess and Multi-Platform Narratives 

- Forensic Crime Fiction and Film

- Deconstruction - a guide for the perplexed



- Anatomy / Art [2011-2013]