General Course Requirements

Seminar Papers / Term papers / Submitted work


Unless indicated otherwise, I look to receive an independently researched and properly referenced written work of 5-7 A4 pages (seminar papers)/ 8-12 A4 pages (research papers and term papers). All papers should be typewritten, using Times New Roman 12, 1.5 spacing, and 2.5 cm margins on all sides. Please use the Chicago or the MLA guidelines for referencing!


Unless particular topics / questions are given, you can choose your own topic / research question(s) as long as they fall within the scope of the course. I am happy to discuss your ideas for your paper and give feedback on your choice of topic before you start working on your paper.


Due date of seminar / term papers: the Wednesday of Week 11, 14:00 (unless indicated otherwise)

The due dates of short assignments (such as abstracts, preliminary bibliographies, progress reports, reviews, presentation transcripts, etc) may vary. Please consult your Course Description for the exact deadlines.


Failure to submit the assignments and/or the paper on time will result in a no grade.



The final mark of the submitted work will be calculated on the basis of partial marks given for the following: research, content, structure, language, formatting and references.

A failure to get a pass mark for the ‘language‘ or the ‘formatting and references‘ bit will result in an Fx as a final mark for the submitted work.


PLAGIARISM (the unacknowledged use (both intentional and unintentional) of other people's ideas, written or spoken) will be penalized! It is a form of academic dishonesty and will be dealt with accordingly. Depending on the seriousness of the case, the consequences may range from a lower mark to having to re-submit, but serious cases may even result in an FX as a final mark for the COURSE without the possibility to re-submit your work. Students who fail a course for reasons of plagiarism will have to re-take the course the next time it is offered. For more regulations on plagiarism and its consequences, please familiarize yourselves with the School Policy Concerning Academic Dishonesty (Informacie o Studiu; Section ‘Smernica Dekana Filozofickej Fakulty KU o Akademickej Necestnosti’).


Assessment criteria (on the basis of which written assignments will be evaluated) are listed on the PLAGIARISM DISCLAIMAER & EVALUATION COVER SHEET (see below). Please attach a signed copy to your WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS (such as seminar papers, research- and /or project reports, presentation transcripts etc. unless otherwise specified).


Plagiarism Disclaimer and Evaluation Cover Sheet
Adobe Acrobat Document 86.5 KB